A Crazy Discovery!

So, a couple of weeks ago my friend Aggie sent me a pack of Yupo watercolor paper. I did not think I would enjoy this kind of paper because I am so used to a very textured paper. But I have to say it has been so much fun discovering how my watercolors move around on the paper. To me it is kind of like painting on a glossy photo paper, so you really do not have a lot of control in my eyes. You get to just get to be free! My favorite paint to use with this Yupo paper are gouaches. I feel they give a more vibrant look to your painting. Have you ever tried Yupo paper? My heels were very dug in when choosing a watercolor paper, I always went to my Arches brand and swore to myself I would never try anything else but here we are! You should really try it sometime. For those of you who like adventure get ready because it really is a noticeably big difference from your average watercolor paper, I would love to see what you do!

Take care,


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